Why to Oppose?

Why to Oppose?

If we don't oppose this together, it will happen! We want to encourage as many people as possible to oppose the Mineral and Waste Plan, along with any expansion or continued operation of the Knowl Hill Star Works Waste Facility through the consultation process (details of which can be found on the useful information and home page) . Below are the main reasons why as a community we should oppose Wokingham's plans:

·      Emissions to air of gases, particulates and odours

·      Ongoing health impacts on people and wildlife

·      Incessant and increase in noise/light pollution during the day and in what should be a very quiet area at night

·      Increased HGV traffic on the A4 and connecting roads

·      Increased safety risk to our community especially to the children at Knowl Hill CE Primary School 

·      Destruction of ancient woodlands and other habitats of known protected and listed species

·      Impacts on footpaths

·      Impact on listed buildings at the bottom of Star Lane

·      Landscape impacts on the Greenbelt which the Star Works site lies within

·      Ongoing 24/7 operation of the plant