Where Do You Live?

17 Aug

Map of potential implications of living within radius bands of Knowl Hill, Star Works if plans are approved for an increase in capacity. 

0.5 Mile Radius:

Potential for unpleasant odours and noise pollution on prevailing winds

Higher risk of pollution from any increased waste operations

Further light pollution from the site

Increased heavy vehicle movements on site and in village

Quality of life implications from a 24/7 plant

1 Mile Radius:

Potential for loss of woodland, habitats and degrading of local amenities such as footpaths, cycleways and bridleways, particularly if landfill was reintroduced in the future

Impacts on local wildlife from industrial encroachment

3 Mile Radius:

Further heavy goods traffic and unacceptable safety concerns, particularly along the A4 and the villages they would pass through

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