Star Works Acrostic Poem

30 Sep

W - Waste landfill was only permitted to allow restoration of the landscape damaged by decades of clay extraction

A - Ancient woodlands were destroyed, and everyone wanted them back

S - Suffering the noise, smells and traffic was a compromise to return the land to its original state

T - Together we can stop endless industrialisation of the Green Belt

E - Everyone has a voice, let’s use it say “NO - enough is enough”


K - Kings and highwaymen made use of the Bath Road

N - Nowadays, waste lorries and the Prime Minister so the same

O - Our villages are not meant to be used for industrial waste processing

W - We do have a choice, as Grundon were only at Star Works to make good the landscape

L - Let’s make our world better, together


H - Help Muckmentum fight the Waste Plan

I -  Industrial Waste Processing should not continue in Knowl Hill and the Green Belt

L - Leave the woodlands alone and restore the landscape to its former glory

L - Let the people, the wildlife and the land live again

By a Local Resident

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