Parish Council Responses

11 Oct

Parish Council Responses to the Waste and Mineral Plan

Wargrave, Remenham and Ruscombe Parish Council have responded to the Waste and Mineral Plan. Their response is written and produced by Wokingham Borough Councillors John Halsall and Graham Howe. They completely support Muckmentum's message that Star Works should not be further developed as part of the Waste and Mineral Plan. 

Read their response here: Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe Parish Council 2018 10 07 Response to Consultation[15007].pdf

Hurley Parish Council also put in their response. However, Muckmentum supporters were slightly disappointed with its lack of clarity and substance in objecting to any further development in relation to the Star Works.  Unfortunately their response lacked any proper reference to the waste and mineral plan document and didn't really object. Hopefully they'll do much better at the next final public consultation in the Spring of 2019 in representing the views of their ward. 

Read their response here: Hurley Parish Council Response to the Waste and Mineral Plan 111018.pdf

Wargrave Parish Council strongly objects to the inclusion of Star Works in the Waste and Mineral Plan. That the inappropriate inclusion of Star Works within W4 robustly conflicts with the majority of the Development Management Policies.

Wargrave Parish Council WasteStrategyResponse (002)[15410].pdf


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