Grundon Apply for Planning Extension

31 Dec

Grundon have submitted a planning application to Wokingham Borough Council to request an extension, yet again, to complete the work necessary in restoring the landfill site off Star Lane. This will be the second time Grundon have requested extra time to complete the restoration of the landfill and third overall in order to extend the life of the site. The extension applied for is a further 2 years to complete the restoration from January 2021 to January 2023.

Grundon have stated several reasons for the delay in completing the work, which include: the severe downturn in the construction industry which provide the inert waste materials required for restoration, the costs associated with transportation of such materials and the lack of quality of inert wate materials available in order to complete the work.

Public consultation for this application began on the 24th December and ends on the 18th January 2020. Muckmentum feel it is disappointing that this application seems to have been snuck in over the festive season leaving a tight timeline for appropriate bodies and residents to review, consult and make comments.

Muckmentum believe that the original timescale should be enforced by Wokingham Borough Council and that no further extension should be granted in respect to the completion date of January 2021.

Please contact us via our website or email us to share your views and thoughts on this new planning application. as this will help us in making any collective and informed response.

Currently, comments on the planning application can be made via the Wokingham Borough Council planning portal. Planning application number 193392

Our local Wokingham Borough Council representative John Halsall (and currently leader of WBC) can also be contacted on to share your concerns.

An update will follow in the new year

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