Comments from Local Residents

07 Aug

'We are woken up every morning at 4am with thundering lorries going past' 

'I don't want to see ancient woodland ruined, but understand waste has got to go somewhere'

'I'm disappointed with the proposals on the basis that increased traffic in the area will be dangerous to our health and well-being'  

'I have to tell my children not to play in the woods and streams'

'It would be terrible if more woodland is destroyed. As this proposal covers 4x boroughs is there not a more appropriate waste site to expand? '

'Stop this from ruining our beautiful area'

'I fully support the campaign'

'Knowl Hill air pollution and noise pollution is bad now. I want to see that decreased not increased'

'I am a resident of a nearby village and regularly use the paths around Knowl Hill for walking and cycling. I believed that the landfill work at the Grundon Site would cease when the old clay working were full. I am appalled to hear of this new proposal in the Green Belt'

'I'm with MuckMentum all the way'

'This is such a beautiful natural area which is enjoyed by so many people who enjoy being outside either walking, taking their children out for a fun day, cycling etc. We need this sort of area and we are meant to be encouraging people to stay fit and encouraging children to keep fit for the rest of their lives without having to pay out large sums of money'.


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