Campaigning to Remove Knowl Hill from the Waste and Mineral Plan

About Us

About Us
MuckMentum is a campaign set up by villagers in Knowl Hill and the surrounding area. We are opposing and looking to stop Wokingham Borough Council's (in conjunction with other boroughs in central and south east) new Waste and Mineral Plan,  which includes Grundon’s proposal for a new waste facility at the Star Works site, Knowl Hill.

When Wokingham Borough Council granted the licence extension to Grundon in 2016, they committed to residents that there would be ‘no further extensions’ yet they have included Grundon’s proposal at the Star Works site for a new waste facility within their ‘Waste and Mineral Plan’ which is currently under consultation. This is a clear breach of their pledge to the residents that they supposedly represent.

For many years, villagers, visitors, local wildlife and the environment have suffered as a direct result of the Star Works waste and landfill due to noise, traffic, stench and pollution. This is a site surrounded by residential properties and ancient woodland, used not just by locals (people and wildlife) but families, walkers, cyclists and horse riders. SEE LATEST VIDEO

This site impacts a wide area including Knowl Hill, Wargrave, Crazies Hill, Warren Row and with the substantial increase in traffic that this proposal will bring, also Twyford, Maidenhead and all areas located near the A4. Do not think this will not affect you, it will. Now is the time to act.

We need your support and help. Please join MuckMentum and if you feel you can offer something to our campaign contact us at

Current Application to Extend Time Permitted to Restore Landfill Site 

Grundon have put in an application to extend the restoration of the landfill site off Star Lane to January 2023.  Planning application number 193392 - Wokingham Borough Council. Please  object HERE . Public consultation now closes 6th February.

Waste and Mineral Plan

Please support us by doing these 3 things:
1. Click HERE to subscribe to the campaign
2. Write to oppose the Mineral and Waste Plan proposals for our area  HOW TO OPPOSE (Current public consultation closed)
3. Provide us with your ideas to support our campaign CONTACT US

Please note: The most recent public consultation closed on the 12th October 2018. There will be a further public consultation on the final draft of the Waste and Mineral Plan soon!




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Important Information

Why to Oppose?

Reasons that any new proposals put forward for consideration are unacceptable for the local community and to the environment

Learn More

How to Oppose

Information on getting involved and how to oppose the plan

Learn More

Waste and Mineral Plan Information

Key information and links to Wokingham Borough Council's 'Waste and Mineral Plan' including the April 2019 summary of the Draft Consultation

Learn More

Supporting Documents for Opposition

Muckmentum report and appendices that support Muckmentum's argument for no new waste facilities at the Knowl Hill Star Works

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Latest Video


Residents Slam Grundon's Plans to Extend Life of Landfill

Residents Slam Plans to Extend Life of Landfill

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Grundon Apply for Planning Extension

Grundon apply for planning extension to restore the landfill at the Star Works for the second time

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Summary of Draft Consultation Released!

A summary of the Hampshire Services public consultation has been released. Star Works, Knowl Hill is not a suitable site for inclusion in the plan!

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Call for New Waste and Mineral Sites

Hampshire Services calls for more waste sites to address shortfall

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Councillors vow to fight expansion of waste plant

Wargrave Parish Council say that they will oppose any plans to expand Star Works in the interests of their residents and the local environment. Read the full Henley Standard Article here.

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Parish Council Responses

Read the Wargrave, Remenham and Ruscombe Parish and Hurley Parish Council's responses to the Waste and Mineral Plan.

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Other enforcement agencies to which you can make a complaint

Other agencies that enforce regulatory standards on the Star Works Waste Site operated by Grundon if you have a concern or would like to make a complaint.

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A 10X Increase would be Unacceptable Fire Risk

If Wokingham Borough Council grant permissions to increase waste operations at the Star Works it would be a reckless decision and put the lives of residents at serious risk.

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Site Allocation Methodolgy

This site methodology is critical in choosing the correct sites for waste. You'll read that the Star Works struggles to meet any. This is what local councils should be using to make decisions on suitability,

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Where Do You Live?

A radius map that shows the potential implications of living near a major waste facility

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How Dangerous is it Living Near a Waste Site?

Links to a series of articles that discuss the health implications of living near waste and landfill

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Knowl Hill 'A Village of Waste'

A poem that describes Knowl Hill's relationship with living near a waste operation over the last 20 years.

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